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#Jet Javascript Library

Jet is a JavaScript UI toolkit based on two premises:

  • Lower compatibility but small size and great performance
  • Not every feature out-of-the-box but great scalability

Note: This project is archived for posterity. Its goal was experimentation and learning, so feel free to use any part of Jet in your projects at your own risk.


Jet is only tested against IE 6, 7 and 8, and the latest versions of Firefox, Chrome, Safari and Opera. Older versions and other browsers aren't guaranteed to work at all.

The status of the library is under development, not even an alpha stage. And since it is a learning project, you are very much welcome to provide suggestions, code and graphic design.

Small size

There are many great JavaScript UI libraries out there. Most favor a long range of compatibility and heavy features. That's great when you need a lot of features and have lots of users in the long tail of the browser market. However, most of the time it ends up being overkill or, if you are a UI developer, you end up working on top of a lot of code you don't use.

With that in mind, Jet aims at having a small and powerful core under 20 Kb minified (7 Kb with gzip compression) that provides a good DOM interface, lots of optional features and a good architecture based on Yahoo!'s YUI 3 that will allow you to write good easy-to-maintain code on top of it.


Jet comes with a lot of optional modules that you can load dinamically. The complete documentation is available in the API reference:

###Included in the Jet Core

  • Get dynamically load scripts and CSS files
  • Lang type determining functions, and utilities for working with Arrays and Hashes
  • Node chainable and powerful DOM interface
  • UA browser sniffing
  • OOP Prototypal class implementation with inheritance and mixins patterns


  • Anim plugs animations into Node and provides a TimeFrame and Tweens for more complex animations
  • Cookie easy to use cookies
  • History ReallySimpleHistory project adapted to jet() and updated for modern browsers
  • ImageLoader preload images, show them only when needed and fix PNG's
  • IO for your XmlHttpRequest needs
  • *io-xdr asynchronous cross-domain calls based on flash
  • *io-xsl for loading and using XSL transformations
  • DataSource transform one information source into the schema your application uses
  • DragDrop some times the drag metaphor just works
  • *JSON Douglas Crockford's JSON module. Loads only if the browser doesn't have native JSON support
  • Resize resize elements
  • *Sizzle John Resig's CSS selector engine
  • *SWF SWFObject as a module
  • Vector provides cross-browser SVG support (using VML in Internet Explorer) for drawing graphics


  • Button Button, ComboBox, RadioButton
  • Container Module, Overlay, Panel, SimpleDialog for creating dynamic windows and forms
  • DataTable sortable table plugged into a DataSource for easily displaying lots of data
  • Paginator switch between virtual pages of data, based on a DataSource
  • SimpleProgressBar for when you need to load a lot of modules
  • Tabs simple tabs, progressive-enhancement ready
  • TreeView generic tree building tool