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Directory download tool for SWIFT directories

Java based command line tool for downloading and processing directories available through SWIFT Directory Download automation


java -jar swiftdir.jar

Command line options

-content full or delta
-format file content format (txt, dat, ebcdic, dos)
-platform Windows ZIP or unix compressed file (win, unix)
-product product under product category (bankfile, bicplusiban, ...)
-productline product category (eg. swbankfile, bicdir, bicplusiban, separouting, ...)
-statusFile Path to statusfile (will be empty if download was succesfull, otherwise contains error message on one line)
-targetDir Target directory for the downloaded file
-unzip Uncompress zip file to targetDir (.tar.Z is not supported)
-username username for SWIFT website
-password password for SWIFT website
-year If omitted, defaults to latest available file of selected type
-month If omitted, defaults to month of latest available file of selected type

The tool can either download the files and save them to disk or it can extract zipped content. Use the unzip -parameter to request unzipping. Unix compressed files (.tar.Z) are not supported.

Statusfile can be used to integrate the tool with external monitoring system. If statusFile parameter is specified, the tool will create the specified file when its executed. If the download was successful, the status file will be empty (length is zero). If there was an error the status file will contain one line that specifies the error in detail.

For details about the content, format, platform, productline, year and month parameters please refer to the SWIFT documentation, available at: The application does not validate the values of those parameters. They are passed to SWIFT as given.


Download latest SWIFT Alliance bankfile deltas, extract them to c:/saa/data/UpdateBIC and write download status to c:/dir/status.txt. Example is split to multiple lines for easier read. In real life you should have all options on single line. java -jar swiftdir.jar -username -password -content delta -productline swbankfile -product bankfile -format txt -platform win -targetDir c:/saa/data/UpdateBIC -statusFile c:/dir/status.txt -unzip

In Windows you can schedule the execution with Windows Task Scheduler.

System requirements

Java 1.6 runtime. Download requires user account on the SWIFT website with appropriate permissions to download the directories. It is highly recommended to create a separate user account that only has access to BIC downloads (since you need to provide the username and password in your scripts, those could become compromised).

Build instructions

The software can be build with Apache Maven.

Executing mvn with command:

mvn clean install

retrieves dependencies and creates to jar files in the target directory. The larger jar is a standalone version that contains dependent libraries (that one is recommended).


This application is licensed with BSD style license. Refer to the accompanied LICENSE file for details.

Software depends on:

  • the Apache Commons HTTP Client library, which is licensed under Apache License.
  • Command line processsing is performed with JCommander, which is also licensed under Apache license.

Obviously I will make no guarantees that the application will work as advertised. For security reasons it is recommended to compile the application by yourself and to browse through the source code before compiling it.


Java based tool for downloading SWIFT directories







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