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Charming with Docker library to ease interfacing with the DockerCLI and configuring the Docker Daemon
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This is a library intended to ease development of docker deliverable charms, by exposing an API that is easy to grok at an initial glance.

This library was borne from a disgust of mine at seeing many subprocess.check_call lines littered throughout charms. While functionally similar to what this library exposes, it should read better than many disjointed os exec calls.

This library is also targeted at python 3.3+

To use charms.docker

This is actually embedded in the layer:docker runtime layer. Unless you intend on hacking this, porting it elsewhere, or otherwise distrust the layer - you wont need to manually install this.


Launch a one-off container

from charms.docker import Docker
    d = Docker()
    pid = d.up('lazypower/idlerpg:latest', dirs={"files/idlerpg":"/files/idlerpg"}, ports=["8000:8000"])
payload-register('docker', 'application', pid)

Launch a configured container, or many containers

But you wouldn't really want to use this terribly often, as its more sensible to encapsulate the "configured state" of the container via a docker-compose yaml. Which is rumored to be simple to template, and then be used like so assuming the rendered template resides in $CHARM_DIR/files/workspace/docker-compose.yml:

from charms.docker import Compose
c = Compose('files/workspace')

Get support

This project is under heavy development pending a 0.1.0 release. Until such time no methods should be assumed to be concrete until we land on a 1.0.0 release chain. Any charms based on this will be at the mercy of the author to stay abreast of the charm libraries changes.

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