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  1. AstroLib.jl AstroLib.jl Public

    Bundle of small astronomical and astrophysical routines.

    Julia 77 21

  2. FITSIO.jl FITSIO.jl Public

    Flexible Image Transport System (FITS) file support for Julia

    Julia 55 29

  3. Cosmology.jl Cosmology.jl Public

    Cosmology library for Julia

    Julia 54 25

  4. SPICE.jl SPICE.jl Public

    Julia wrapper for NASA NAIF's SPICE toolkit

    Julia 54 14

  5. AstroTime.jl AstroTime.jl Public

    Astronomical time keeping in Julia

    Julia 38 10

  6. LombScargle.jl LombScargle.jl Public

    Compute Lomb-Scargle periodogram, suitable for unevenly sampled data. It supports multi-threading

    Julia 29 14


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