Visual Studio Solution for TEE14 Session EF Model Partioning in Domain-Driven Design Bounded Contexts
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Visual Studio Solution for TEE14 Session EF Model Partioning in Domain-Driven Design Bounded Contexts

This is the source for the demos I showed during my session that was recorded here:

Please keep in mind that this is for demo purposes only and is not meant to be a full DDD reference app but just a solution that I used to demonstrate the concepts I focused on in this session.

There are also examples of things that are specific to the demo, for example, I use a message queue to mirror contact info into a database used by a different BC. This is okay for some scenarios but not when you have to be considerate of race conditions.

The entire solution is not fleshed out. Instead, I worked through the sample code that i needed to demonstrate the concepts in my session.

There are a series of tests. The ContactManagement Tests and SalesOrder.Infrastructure tests, use RabbitMQ as the message queue. You'll need to isntall RabbitMQ ( to run those.

The solution requires you to build in order for it to retrieve some of it's necessary DLLs from Nuget.

For a more detailed discussion of the whole pub/sub workflow that triggers the messages to be queued, please see my MSDN Data Points columns:

A Pattern for Sharing Data Across Domain-Driven Design Bounded Contexts Part 1, October 2014 MSDN Magazine: Part 2, December 2014 MSDN Magazine:

Also, many are finding the Domain-Driven Design Fundamentals course that I did with Steve Smith for Pluralsight to be very helpful.

Since I am constantly learning and evolving my ideas, I think that, thanks to a suggestion from, I'll be replacing my event storage pattern (e.g. "name got updated" in contact) to using CommonDomain ( Eventually... :)

Hope this helpful!