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Share files from your browser using WebRTC.

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Quick Start

With Docker

Using Docker:

$ docker-compose up -d --build

This will start two services, the web application on port 3000, and the PeerJS server on port 9000.

Without Docker

Install dependencies:

$ yarn

Create a production build:

$ yarn build

Start the web application on port 3000:

$ yarn serve -s dist/

Start the PeerJS server on port 9000:

$ yarn peerjs --port 9000

SSL Configuration

I would recommand using Nginx as a reverse proxy for the web application and configure SSL at this level. For the PeerJS server though, I would suggest modifyng the docker-compose.yml file by replacing the PeerJS command with this one:

    command: yarn peerjs --port 5000 --sslkey /path/to/privkey.pem --sslcert /path/to/fullchain.pem

An additional volume may be added to make the cert files available on the container. For example with Let's Encrypt:

    - /etc/letsencrypt/:/etc/letsencrypt/