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A tool to manage connections to DBMS and their states from Pharo.


Metacello new
    baseline: 'DBConnectionsManager';
    repository: 'github://juliendelplanque/DBConnectionsManager/repository';

How to use

Open the UI

The DBConnectionsManager comes with a simple UI allowing to check the state of connections, to add/remove connection descriptions and to connect/disconnect them. To open this UI, either use the world menu or run this script:

DBConnectionsManagerWidget openOnCurrent

Which leads to the following widget open: Connections manager empty

First, turn on the connections checker by clicking on the dedicated. This will start a thread that regularly checks the state of the connections added to DBConnectionsManager current.

Then, you need to create a new connection description. To do so, click on the 'New connection' button. You get a widget with a form to fill.

Connections manager new connection

Once you filled the form with the correct information about your connection, you can test your connection using the dedicated button.

Connection test

If you get a popup saying that 'Connection works perfectly.', your configuration is good and you can click 'Ok' to create the connection description and to add it to the connections manager.

Once it is done, you can right-click on the connection description appearing in the list. A menu appears allowing you to connect the connection description.

Connection connect

Once you connected the connection description, the icon turns yellow meaning that it hasn't been checked by the connections checker yet.

Connection not checked

Once the connection checker tested the connection description, the icon turns green. Til the icon stays green, you know your connection to the database works perfectly.

Connection green

If a problem appears on your connection (e.g. the DBMS stops working, the server is not reachable anymore, etc...), the icon will turn red.

Connection red

If you right click on the connection list, you get a list of actions. The first set of actions concern the connection selected and will only appear if a connection is selected in the list. The second set concerns actions to apply on all connections or actions that do not require a connection to be selected.

Connection actions

Store your connection descriptions on the disk

The ConnectionsManager lets you store your connection descriptions on the disk for latter reuse. To save a connection description, left click on one of the connection in the list and select 'Save on disk...' action. It will open a file dialog allowing to select the location of the file that will store the connection description serialized in JSON format.

To load a connection description previously stored on the disk, left click on the connections list and select 'Load from disk...' action. This action will let you select a JSON file containing a connection description serialized. Once selected, confirm your choice in the file dialog and the connection description will be loaded and added to the list of connection descriptions.

Integrate the connection descriptions list in your Spec's widgets

The DBConnectionDescriptionsListWidget can be integrated in other UI widgets in order to let the user manipulate connection descriptions easily.

To instantiate such widget, you simply need to use its #adaptToConnectionsManager: message to adapt it to an instance of DBConnectionsManager (listen to announcements, etc...).

Once you're done with this widget, use its #unsubscribeFromSubscribedTo to make it stop listening to the DBConnectionsManager instance provided previously.

As an example, the DBPlayground uses this widget as a subwidget:


Listen to announcements

The ConnectionsManager provide an #announcer which can be used to perform actions when something happened to a connection.

For now, the ConnectionsManager create the following announcements:

  • DBConnectionDescriptionAdded: created when a connection description has been added to its list of connections.
  • DBConnectionDescriptionRemoved: created when a connection description has been removed from its list of connections.
  • DBConnectionDied: created when a connection that was alive died.
  • DBConnectionRevive: created when a connection that was dead is alive again.
  • DBConnectionStillAlive: created when a connection was alive and continue to be alive.
  • DBConnectionWasConnectedByUser: created when a connection connected by the user (so, on purpose).
  • DBConnectionWasDisconnectedByUser: created when a connection was disconnected by the user (so, on purpose).
  • DBConnectionsManagerStartedChecking: created when it started its thread that check connections.
  • DBConnectionsManagerStoppedChecking: created when it stopped its thread that check connections.
  • DBCurrentConnectionsManagerChanged: created when the #current class-side instance variable of DBConnectionsManager is modified.

For example to log when a connection dies in the transcript, one can simply write:

DBConnectionsManager current announcer when: DBConnectionDied do: [ :ann |
		show: ann connectionDescription name;
		show: ' just died :-(.';
		cr ]


A tool to manage connections to DBMS and their states from Pharo.








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