A Face Recognition system that works in real time! πŸ”₯
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Face-Recognizer 😎

A Face Recogniser which works in real time!


  1. Make a folder with the name 'people_folder' in the directory of this code and then proceed.
  2. Download the HAAR cascade and place it in the same directory.
  3. Run pip install opencv-contrib-python from cmd to install the additional features of OpenCV.

You get 3 options:

1) Add a new face to the dataset of known people ❗️.

Important: Make a folder with the name 'people_folder' in the directory of this code and then proceed.

Enter the name of the person and press ENTER when ready.

A demo of this is shown below πŸ˜‰:

Photos of the person are clicked and then saved in a folder with the person's name as the folder name.

2) This option is for live recognition. πŸ˜ƒ

Our recognition system works!!

3) Finally on pressing 3, the exe file stops and you exit! ✌️

How does it work ❓

1) It takes in 20 images per face(person). πŸ“·

i) Finds the face in the frame using a HAAR cascade.
ii) Trims the unnecessary parts of the face.
iii) Does histogram equalization and resizes the images to 100 x 100.

These images are saved in a folder with the person's name.

2) For live recognition: πŸ‘

i) Creates a LBHP face recogniser and trains it on the existing dataset.
ii) Finds faces in live video stream, does the same pre-processing as point 1.
iii) Finds the face in our dataset with the closest likeness to the current face within a certain threshold.
iv) Displays the face along with the name of the person and draws a rectangle around their face.

About LBHP face recognizer 😁: https://towardsdatascience.com/face-recognition-how-lbph-works-90ec258c3d6b