Aggregating tests in suites

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Using Suite as a runner allows you to manually build a suite containing tests from many classes. It is the JUnit 4 equivalent of the JUnit 3.8.x static Test suite() method. To use it, annotate a class with @RunWith(Suite.class) and @SuiteClasses(TestClass1.class, ...). When you run this class, it will run all the tests in all the suite classes.


The class below is a placeholder for the suite annotations, no other implementation is required. Note the @RunWith annotation, which specifies that the JUnit 4 test runner to use is org.junit.runners.Suite for running this particular test class. This works in conjunction with the @Suite.SuiteClasses annotation, which tells the Suite runner which test classes to include in this suite and in which order.

import org.junit.runner.RunWith;
import org.junit.runners.Suite;


public class FeatureTestSuite {
  // the class remains empty,
  // used only as a holder for the above annotations