Medical Image Segmentation
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ImageSegmentation With Vnet

This is an example of the prostate in transversal T2-weighted MR images Segment from MICCAI Grand Challenge:Prostate MR Image Segmentation 2012

How to Use

1、download trained data,download dataset:

2、the file of PROMISE2012Image.csv,is like this format: D:\Data\PROMISE2012\Augmentation\Image/0_1.bmp D:\Data\PROMISE2012\Augmentation\Image/0_10.bmp D:\Data\PROMISE2012\Augmentation\Image/0_2.bmp ...... if you Augmentation trained data path is not D:\Data\PROMISE2012,you should change the csv file path just like this:using C:\Data\ replace D:\Data\PROMISE2012.

3、when data is prepared,just run the

4、training the model on the GTX1080,it take 20 hours,and i also attach the trained model in the project,you also just use the file to predict,and get the segmentation result.

5、download trained model:, passworld:obwu


the Challenge result

the loss and model result,the example