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beniz commented May 16, 2016

This is the placeholder for information regarding the building of deepdetect on Ubuntu 16.04 LTS (expected future reference platform).

Build status: successful, tested with Caffe back-end on CPU

Thanks to @MartinThoma the correct way of doing it is below:

$ sudo apt-get remove libcurlpp0
$ cd [wherever]
$ git clone
$ cd curlpp
$ cmake .
$ s
toodef commented May 13, 2019

Frequently we need to extract part of dataset for test network for example.
We need to implement this feature in DataProducer, cause it'll make possible to not change dataset class. Also, DataProsucer has flushing and loading indices interfaces.


  • Possible of flushing indices for reproducible
  • Different strategies for indices selection: (from begin, from range, all of it with
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