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Jupyter Content Management Extensions

Content management extensions for Jupyter / IPython Notebook.

What It Gives You

The content management extensions provide the following:

  • Search dialog on dashboard, editor, and notebook screens to search over filenames and .ipynb content in the notebook directory
  • IPython kernel extension to make Python notebooks reusable as modules and cookbooks (see the cookbooks tutorial)
  • Full-page drag-and-drop upload target
  • Pop-over table of contents navigation for notebooks


  • Jupyter Notebook >=4.2 running on Python 3.x or Python 2.7.x
  • Edge, Chrome, Firefox, or Safari

Installing and Enabling

The following steps install the extension package using pip and enable the extension in the active Python environment.

pip install jupyter_cms
jupyter cms quick-setup --sys-prefix

Run jupyter cms quick-setup --help for other options. Note that the second command is a shortcut for the following:

jupyter serverextension enable --py jupyter_cms --sys-prefix
jupyter nbextension install --py jupyter_cms --sys-prefix
jupyter nbextension enable --py jupyter_cms --sys-prefix

Alternatively, the following command both installs and enables the package using conda.

conda install jupyter_cms -c conda-forge

In either case, you will need to restart your notebook server if it was running during the enable/activate step.

Disabling and Uninstalling

The following steps deactivate the extension in the active Python environment and uninstall the package using pip.

jupyter cms quick-remove --sys-prefix
pip uninstall jupyter_cms

Note that the first command is a shortcut for the following:

jupyter nbextension disable --py jupyter_cms --sys-prefix
jupyter nbextension uninstall --py jupyter_cms --sys-prefix
jupyter serverextension disable --py jupyter_cms --sys-prefix

The following command deactivates and uninstalls the package if it was installed using conda.

conda remove jupyter_cms

Write Bundlers

This extension used to support bundlers. That functionality has graduated and is available in Jupyter Notebook >=5.0. See Custom bundler extensions in the documentation for more information.

If you cannot upgrade to notebook>=5.0 and need bundler support, install a version of this extension prior to 0.7.0.

Develop It

This repository is setup for a conda-based development environment. These instructions assume that have you installed conda.

# clone this repo if you don't have it
git clone
cd contentmanagement

# create a `cms` conda environment
make env

# run unit tests
make test

# run a notebook server with the extension installed
make notebook

# build a source package
make sdist

# release the source package on pypi
make release

# remove built artifacts
make clean

# remove build artifacts and cms environment
make nuke

Other Notes


Jupyter Content Management Extensions





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