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Document pre/post save hooks #327

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File save hooks
You can configure functions that are run whenever a file is saved. There are
two hooks available:
* ``ContentsManager.pre_save_hook`` runs on the API path and model with content.
This can be used for things like stripping output that people don't like
adding to VCS noise.
* ``FileContentsManager.post_save_hook`` runs on the filesystem path and model
without content. This could be used to commit changes after every save, for
They are both called with keyword arguments::
pre_save_hook(model=model, path=path, contents_manager=cm)
post_save_hook(model=model, os_path=os_path, contents_manager=cm)
These can both be added to :file:``.
A pre-save hook for stripping output::
def scrub_output_pre_save(model, **kwargs):
"""scrub output before saving notebooks"""
# only run on notebooks
if model['type'] != 'notebook':
# only run on nbformat v4
if model['content']['nbformat'] != 4:
for cell in model['content']['cells']:
if cell['cell_type'] != 'code':
cell['outputs'] = []
cell['execution_count'] = None
c.FileContentsManager.pre_save_hook = scrub_output_pre_save
A post-save hook to make a script equivalent whenever the notebook is saved
(replacing the ``--script`` option in older versions of the notebook)::
import io
import os
_script_exporter = None
def script_post_save(model, os_path, contents_manager, **kwargs):
"""convert notebooks to Python script after save with nbconvert
replaces `ipython notebook --script`
from nbconvert.exporters.script import ScriptExporter
if model['type'] != 'notebook':
global _script_exporter
if _script_exporter is None:
_script_exporter = ScriptExporter(parent=contents_manager)
log = contents_manager.log
base, ext = os.path.splitext(os_path)
py_fname = base + '.py'
script, resources = _script_exporter.from_filename(os_path)
script_fname = base + resources.get('output_extension', '.txt')"Saving script /%s", to_api_path(script_fname, contents_manager.root_dir))
with, 'w', encoding='utf-8') as f:
c.FileContentsManager.post_save_hook = script_post_save
This could be a simple call to ``jupyter nbconvert --to script``, but spawning
the subprocess every time is quite slow.
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