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Deployment: Build Status

Deployment, configuration, and Site Reliability documentation files for the public service.

Please note that this repository is participating in a study into sustainability of open source projects. Data will be gathered about this repository for approximately the next 12 months, starting from 2021-06-11.

Data collected will include number of contributors, number of PRs, time taken to close/merge these PRs, and issues closed.

For more information, please visit our informational page or download our participant information sheet.

Deploying a Binder Service other than

These files are specific to If you wish to deploy your own Binder instance, please do not use these files. Instead, you should review the BinderHub documentation and the jupyterhub/binderhub repo to set up your deployment.

Site Reliability Guide Documentation Status

Site Reliability Guide, the collected wisdom of operating

Amongst other things the guide contains:

Staging Production
CI Deployment Continuous Deployment (both)
Deployment checklist staging prod
Monitoring staging prod
Helm chart dev stable
JupyterHub dev stable
BinderHub dev -