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REST API for Ngariung app.



Development Setup

Make sure you're aleready install NodeJS, MongoDB (or use the cloud service such as Atlas) and Yarn. After that run this several command.

  • Add project
$ git clone
$ cd riungnode
$ cp env.sample .env # adjust the value in it as needed
$ yarn # install all dependencies
  • Run local server
# local server will run at (configurable on .env)
$ yarn dev
  • Build asset
$ yarn build
  • Run production mode
$ yarn start # server will run at port 5000

Available commands

  • yarn dev - Run local server
  • yarn build - Build the server
  • yarn start - Run local server with production mode
  • yarn restart - Restart local server with production mode
  • yarn lint - Run linter
  • yarn test-routes - Run unit tests for routes
  • yarn test-models - Run unit tests for models
  • yarn test-controllers - Run unit tests for controllers
  • yarn test - Run all unit tests


For all API endpoints, please read in the doc.



This project is licensed under the MIT License - see the LICENSE file for details