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Build Status Code Climate is a reconstruction database. The goal is to document and categorize reconstructions of important or interesting solves of the Rubik's Cube and related puzzles, for both educational and historical purposes.
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Contributing to uses Ruby 2.0.0, so make sure you have that installed.

You can clone the repo and verify that everything works by running the following commands in your shell:

$  git clone
$  cd reconstruction-database
$  bundle install
$  rake test

You'll want to set up some sample data, so run the following command to set up a testing database:

$ rake seed

This will add some solves, and set up an admin account whose username is "admin" and whose password is "password"

Alternatively, you can download a dump of the database (current as of Feb 25, 2014), which has an user "admin" with password "password".

Once you've done that, and if all the tests pass, you should be good to run the server:

$  bundle exec ruby app.rb

Then point your browser to localhost:4567 and you should be good!

To login to the new admin account go to localhost:4567/login.


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