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Welcome to Stargazer, the most advanced theme ever created for WordPress without compromising standards. This is the only theme in the world that you'll find that extends WordPress' built-in theme features so robustly but naturally. The theme is built on the rock-solid Hybrid Core theme framework.

It's built with search-engine optimization (SEO) in mind by utilizing the most current HTML5 conventions and Schema.org microdata. It also integrates with useful theme add-on plugins like Custom Background Extended, Custom Header Extended, Whistles, and more.

About Stargazer

Stargazer isn't just any ol' WordPress theme. I designed it specifically for several different groups of users:

  • Regular Joe: This is the type of user who doesn't know the first thing about code. All he wants to do is have a theme that works out of the box and maybe some customization options.
  • DIY Jane: This is the user who's interested in tinkering with small bits of code to customizer her site and who may eventually become a future theme author.
  • Non-English Speakers: This theme has been tested from Day 1 with non-English languages, including right-to-left languages like Arabic. WordPress is used across the globe, and this theme will help further its reach.
  • Designers: This theme has a specific and limited canvas that will allow designers to show off their skills by making quick and easy child themes.

Stargazer has loads of useful features though. The best way to get to know them is to install the theme and play around with it.

Don't like the design? No problem. Go check out some of the alternate designs (child themes) available on the Stargazer theme page.

Copyright and License

The following resources are not included with the theme but are external resources linked to within the theme.

The following resources are included within the theme package.

All other resources and theme elements are licensed under the GNU GPL, version 2 or later.

2013 – 2016 © Justin Tadlock.