Tab manipulation commands and other shortcut keys for the HipChat Fluid app
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This takes into account the additions that HipChat has made to
their builtin shortcut keys, and adds / fixes a few others.
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Extra shortcut keys for the HipChat Fluid instance

If you're like me, you don't like using Adobe AIR. Luckily, the HipChat developers were awesome enough to do a really excellent job developing a webapp that works really well under Fluid. Unfortunately, the common tab-manipulation commands in Mac OS don't work on the software tabs that hipchat provides. Fortunately, I wrote a quick userscript to add those shortcuts back into the Fluid app. You won't miss the AIR app at all! (Unless you video chat! (which is kind of out of the scope of javascript :-( )))

Extra Shortcuts

  • Cmd-W now closes the current tab, if it's closeable.
  • Cmd-1 through Cmd-9 select the tab at position 1 through 9.
  • Cmd-{ goes to the previous tab, and Cmd-} goes to the next tab.


In your HipChat Fluid instance, open 'Preferences', go to the 'Advanced' section and add *.user.js as a pattern to browse to inside Fluid. Then, go to File, Open Location and paste the following url:

Install the script when Fluid asks you to.

Feel free to improve it, add common shortcuts, and send me pull requests! If you're a better JavaScript developer than me (which shouldn't be hard), feel free to make the code better, too!