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Passkeys (biometric auth) for your users in mins
justpass-me-front-page Passkeys as a Service for your Web and Mobile Apps offers seemless biometric authentication to your users improving user satisfaction and security. It is built on leading industry standards for federated authentication (OpenID) and passwordless authentication (FIDO) to provide both interoperability, compliance and ease of use.

Justpass is built and maintained by Justpass and Amwal Tech, an active member of the FIDO and OpenID Alliance.

Read more about our features below.

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Get started

Sign up for free at After signing up and creating an organization, getting started is as easy as configuring your backend client ID and secret settings. If you want to support mobile apps as well, you can do so by installing the mobile SDK's

Features uses industry leading OpenID standard for logging in to the service. Additionally it extends the standard to allow secure registration of new credentials based on your backend needs. This bring significant advantages in scaling and ease of use allowing you to implement all your authentication needs:

- Single Factor authentication

User calls login endpoint with no credentials and gets redirected to for authentication.

- Second Factor Authentication

User calls login endpoint with first factor credentials and once validated is redirected. to for authentication

- Migrating Existing users

Registration process is completely controlled from your backend server. Registration starts at your server backend and is authenticated before being redirected for registration.



  1. Passkeys-firebase-ext Passkeys-firebase-ext Public

    Passkeys for Firebase extension with

    TypeScript 5 1

  2. Passkeys-for-django-with-justpass Passkeys-for-django-with-justpass Public

    Passkeys integration for Django with


  3. Passkeys-for-react-native-SDK Passkeys-for-react-native-SDK Public

    Passkeys for React native SDK with Justpass

    TypeScript 8

  4. Passkeys-for-Flutter-with-justpass Passkeys-for-Flutter-with-justpass Public

    Flutter SDK for Passkeys with Juspass

    Dart 3


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