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Pixel Art to CSS

Animate pixel art and get CSS

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Did you know that you can create pixel art using CSS?

Pixel Art to CSS is an online editor that helps you with that task.

Combining the power of both box-shadow and keyframes CSS properties, you will get CSS code ready to use in your site.

Furthermore, you can download your work in different formats such as a static image, animated GIF or sprite like image.

✏️ Try it out

Pixel Art to CSS aims to be an intuitive tool by its simplicity, however it is equipped with a wide range of features: customize your color palette, go back and forth in time, modify animation settings, save or load your projects, among others.


By default, you will find the following project within the LOAD section:

Cat animation example

See it live at pixelartcss

You can also import it directly submitting this code.

Technical overview

This application has been built with the following technologies:

  • React: Library to build the UI.
  • Redux: Implements a Flux like architecture.
  • ImmutableJS Helps to keep the data immutable aiming to avoid side effects.
  • PostCSS Handle the app CSS.
  • NodeJS + Express (Server side to build an universal application, create and serve the generated drawings).


npm install


If you just want to develop the interface with no need of the back-end side.

npm run development


Create the final build and run the generated React HTML on the server using SSR.

npm run deploy

npm run server

A config.json is needed for deployment with the Twitter and express keys.


There are several libraries used in the project that help us to keep our codebase healthy:

Every time we commit something it will execute the linters and format the staged files if needed.

If you want to check them individually you could execute the following scripts:

npm run lint
npm run csslint
npm run format


We are using Jest as the testing platform.

npm run test


Help me to improve it 🌱

Create a GitHub issue if there is something wrong or to be improved.

Pull requests are also welcome, please take the following requirements as a checklist before opening one:

  • The PR does fix a problem or adds a new feature, not just cosmetic or syntactic sugar changes.
  • It would be great to open an issue in advance.
  • The PR should be issued to the develop branch.
  • The PR should have a explanation or be related to an issue.

Thank you!


MIT Copyright © 2016 Javier Valencia Romero (@jvalen)