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-The Battlecode software is copyright 2004-2010 by the authors.
+The Battlecode software is copyright 2004-2012 by the authors.
See COPYING for license terms.
Current developers:
-Ben Frenkel
Dan Gulotta
-Trevor Rundell
-Joel Stein
+Cyril Lan
+Maxwell Mann
Andrew Sugaya
-Aleks Tamarkin
+Steven Valdez
+Sherry Wu
-Retired developers (2004-2010):
+Retired developers (since 2004):
Adam Donovan
Arash Ferdowsi
+Ben Frenkel
David Greenspan
Aaron Iba
Amrik Kochhar
Oleg Kozhushnyan
Jasper Lin
Matt Papi
+Trevor Rundell
+Joel Stein
+Aleks Tamarkin
Yang Yang

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