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A boilerplate for developing web apps with Node.js, Express.js & TypeScript. Demonstrates helpful recipes in 8 steps in individual branches.
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docs explain all final NPM scripts in docs May 5, 2019
resources/views add minimal example for shared interface code May 5, 2019
service add some more code that is for Environment config May 22, 2019
test/integration add some integration tests for the Cat API May 1, 2019
.nvmrc nvmrc, lts/dubnium May 1, 2019
.prettierrc some doc + prettier Apr 16, 2019
package-lock.json setup fflip feature toggles and use one for CatEndpoints May 21, 2019
package.json Merge branch '06-web-security-and-rate-limiting' of… May 22, 2019 some more base changes May 22, 2019
tsconfig-frontend.json npm run build:client works Apr 22, 2019
tsconfig.json step up the basic setup to an ExpressServer at least Apr 16, 2019
webpack.config.js npm run build:client works Apr 22, 2019

Node.js, Express.js & TypeScript Boilerplate for Web Apps

This is a boilerplate project for web applications including both backend and frontend using Node.js, Express.js and TypeScript.

It is built up stepwise. The steps are reflected in individual branches. Each branch introduces a new topic and implements few examples.

Steps aka branches

There are open Pull Requests showing the diff for each step compared to its previous step. The master branch is default and points to the branch of the last recent step.

What to do with a step aka branch?

You should read the article series I wrote about building up this project 📘 Each article is available in 🇬🇧 and 🇩🇪

  1. Part 1 (Steps 1-5) – English 🇬🇧German 🇩🇪
  2. Part 2 (Steps 6-8) – In progress
  3. Part 3 (Steps 9-X) – Soon in progress

In addition, have a look at the docs folder on the branches. The files contain information on added NPM scripts and how the changes can be tried out.

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