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Genesis replicates GDAX, the digital currency exchange operated by Coinbase, in a local environment.

Genesis listens to GDAX market data and replicates market events in real time on a local Parity instance. All GDAX order books are replicated as Genesis order books.

Genesis requires Vagrant and VirtualBox.


Launch Genesis:

vagrant up

After Genesis has launched, you can display market data and enter orders using bundled Parity applications. These require Java.

To display market data, download Parity Stock Ticker:

curl -Os "{conf,jar}"

Run the application to see the best bids and offers (BBOs) and latest trades on Genesis:

java -jar parity-ticker.jar parity-ticker.conf

To enter orders, download Parity Terminal Client:

curl -Os "{conf,jar}"

Run the application:

java -jar parity-client.jar parity-client.conf

Once started, the application displays a command prompt:

Type 'help' for help.

You can interact with the application by entering commands into the command prompt. For example, to enter a buy order of 1 BTC for $5,000.00 on Genesis, use the buy command:

> buy 1 BTC-USD 5000.00

Depending on the current USD price of BTC on GDAX, the order might immediately execute partially or fully. Use the trades command to list occurred trades:

> trades

If the order did not execute fully, it remains open on the Genesis order book. Use the orders command to list open orders:

> orders


Genesis accepts inbound TCP connections at the following ports.

Role Protocol Transport Port
Order entry POE SoupBinTCP 4000
Order entry FIX TCP 4010
Market data PMD SoupBinTCP 5000
Market reporting PMR SoupBinTCP 6000

Genesis publishes outbound UDP datagrams to the following multicast groups.

Role Protocol Transport Multicast Group Multicast Port Request Port
Market data PMD MoldUDP64 5000 5001
Market reporting PMR MoldUDP64 6000 6001


Genesis is an Ubuntu 16.04 server that runs the following services:

  • parity-system.service: a Parity Trading System process accepting inbound order entry connections and publishing market data and market reports using the native protocols.

  • parity-fix.service: a Parity FIX Gateway process accepting inbound order entry connections using the FIX protocol.

  • nassau-market-data-gateway.service: a Nassau SoupBinTCP Gateway process accepting inbound market data connections using SoupBinTCP as the underlying transport protocol.

  • nassau-market-reporting-gateway.service: a Nassau SoupBinTCP Gateway process accepting inbound market reporting connections using SoupBinTCP as the underlying transport protocol.

  • genesis-replicator-btc-usd.service: a Genesis Replicator process replicating the GDAX order book BTC-USD as the Genesis order book BTC-USD. One service of this type exists for each replicated order book.

  • nginx.service: a Web server hosting the bundled Parity applications.


Copyright 2017 Jussi Virtanen and contributors.

Released under the Apache License, Version 2.0. See LICENSE.txt for details.