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jwcxz's [Neo]vim configuration

This repository holds my personal configuration for Neovim and Vim.

I primarily use Neovim, but sometimes fall back to vim, so this repository primarily provides richness for the former and a reasonable set of functionality for the latter.


The configuration provides different sets of functionality depending on which profile is chosen

  • complete: Provides a full-featured experience, as it is intended to be used for anywhere I do significant amounts of editing. Requires Neovim and has external dependencies, including a terminal with a patched font from Nerd Fonts.

  • portable: Only includes plugins that do not have external dependencies and support both Neovim and Vim. Useful for being productive in constrained environments.

  • noplugin: Does not load any plugins; only modifies configuration options. Useful for rapidly getting to a minimal level of usability.


  1. Clone to $HOME

  2. ln -s $HOME/.vim/init.vim $HOME/.vimrc && mkdir -p $HOME/.config/nvim && ln -s $HOME/.vim/init.vim $HOME/.config/nvim/init.vim (or run make for now)

  3. Install language servers (see bundle.config/nvim-lspconfig.vim)

  4. Invoke nvim. Many things will fail. After vim-plug is installed, run PlugInstall and relaunch nvim to set up the rest.

Development Status

Currently, the repository is in the process of being reorganized from providing general graceful degradation strategy to the more restricted (but easier-to-manage) profile-based strategy, as I generally only use [Neo]vim in a prescriptive set of ways nowadays.

Consequently, while the repository is functional, it remains structurally disorganized while I redesign it to support this new strategy, follow more modern practices, and fix previous cleanliness issues.


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