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Making the Novation Launchpad do non-musical things, too!
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This is a software framework to control the Novation Launchpad when it's not
being used for making music.  When I'm not DJing with it, I'd like to use it to
display stuff like the current time since I can hang it on my wall.

For more information, see


    First row contains quick access to 7 (selectable) plugins, followed by the
    selector (the mixer button).

    The grid and right side is completely available to the currently selected

    The selector is actually a plugin that lets you select plugins with the grid.
    You can assign a plugin to one of the 7 quick slots by pressing the associated
    button on the right-hand side.


    Basic framework built.  Two plugins have been created: clock and draw.

    You can talk to the server by connecting to it on some port (33333 default) and
    sending commands like:

        plugin [name] [args]  - switch to plugin
        stop                  - stop current plugin
        refresh               - refresh plugins
        list                  - list available plugins
        die                   - kill server

    Switching plugins:
        - Use the top row to select the first 7 plugins
        - Use the Mixer button to activate the selector grid, which lets you
            - select 1 of 64 plugins on the grid
            - press one of the first 7 right-hand buttons followed by a plugin
              on the grid to switch that quickselect slot to the new plugins


    See plugins/README.
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