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Instantly-updating WaveDrom renderer
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This plugin renders WaveDrom timing diagrams from Vim buffers of filenames ending in .wavedrom.js.

It is almost entirely of suan's excellent vim-instant-markdown, with only a few minor tweaks to connect to the supplied instant-wavedrom-d Node.js server.


  1. Ensure node.js and npm are installed.

  2. Open any file with the extension .wavedrom.vim.

The initial startup after installation will be a bit slow, as the script will automatically set up the Node.js server. All future startups will not, so long as node_modules/ is not removed.


The following configuration options are retained from vim-instant-markdown.


By default, vim-instant-wavedrom will update the display in realtime. If that taxes your system too much, you can specify

let g:instant_wavedrom_slow = 1

before loading the plugin (for example place that in your ~/.vimrc). This will cause vim-instant-wavedrom to only refresh on the following events:

  • No keys have been pressed for a while
  • A while after you leave insert mode
  • You save the file being edited


By default, vim-instant-wavedrom will automatically launch the preview window when you open a wavedrom file. If you want to manually control this behavior, you can specify

let g:instant_wavedrom_autostart = 0

in your .vimrc. You can then manually trigger preview via the command :InstantWavedromPreview. This command is only available inside WaveDrom buffers and when the autostart option is turned off.

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