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JXcore v0.3.1.1

JXcore v. is ready to download! JXcore is an open source project that runs Node applications on various platforms including mobile. JXcore brings Mozilla’s SpiderMonkey (SM), Google’s V8 and Microsoft’s Chakra Javascript engines to several platforms. Source code is available on


For Windows: (download the installer from below link and run)

Windows Setup (32/64/SM/V8/CH) 12.99 MB Download 13ff5b302fd0e783ad11d886fee9797f181f0c36

For Linux/OSX : (use below script – copy and paste to terminal)

curl | bash

This script downloads the latest release.

if you have ‘permission denied’ message, make sure the user has root access. Try:

curl | sudo bash

** * FreeBSD requires bash, and unzip are installed, or you may manually install jx binaries from the link below**

Release Binaries

Android 4+
Android ia32 (SM) 6.21MB Download 27a992a349b4241c0aacf039545bcb8b592f5238
Android ia32 (V8) 5.34MB Download 6169cffd11d254d5e901a89369c5025b7511c0d8
Android ARM (SM) 5.95MB Download e7a75f49280b8a513912efee31216e692bfc9bd9
Android ARM (V8) 5.23MB Download 4cda5daba02ed712fc100e48ab3cb8fe3cbc8671
Android FAT (SM) 22.09MB Download 8182d510eb9c6148c3e69cb233a399a959ed5b2b
Android FAT (V8) 23.36MB Download b5da84e6667040e9b83f230fbda25e5d3a8f0ee3
FreeBSD 9 x64 (SM) 5.25MB Download 4ed32bc88faba3caa1d4cd3a72428cbecb33666e
FreeBSD 9 x64 (V8) 4.41MB Download 1fb2441edfe2fa1b5388af2f8bc7e2e2b83b4aeb
FreeBSD 10 x64 (SM) 5.17MB Download f9f6fec04d0cd36013c200c0a311061dfcef702a
FreeBSD 10 x64 (V8) 4.33MB Download 4179c42effac46c8d30608c118a8e3c5d734740b
Debian ia32 (SM) 5.20MB Download e58cb600d6822e100f776a45c550ddbe6a2f0fa8
Debian ia32 (V8) 4.41MB Download 86b3bc3d7e7177a0147da568fa77411427847b5d
Debian x64 (SM) 5.31MB Download 23ec07314bac12f93bf8e064488b85e0a042e3b6
Debian x64 (V8) 4.52MB Download d062a377fc8791af4e7fdfce1d5ef852a000e4c9
Debian ARM (SM) 4.83MB Download cc574f50494b3e823753d49e98dc0bcaec27693a
Debian ARM (V8) 4.19MB Download f72b7b50e4d073f1237a0f1dacac70a62d014e18
Debian MIPS (SM) 4.30MB Download 325d54453ac0a70f2983fd5b31121394d28e1ce9
Debian MIPS (V8) 4.15MB Download 359c442912417f3106cec4a51b666344555373c6
OSX INTEL x64 (SM) 4.43MB Download fd3feb7ddbead5ff3841afc658129d95dbbdf3b1
OSX INTEL x64 (V8) 3.81MB Download 12ef4349edf3de01fa6a931a608601d80481c486
iOS FAT (SM) 67.23MB Download 366adecb65faa0f9556243b10d80825af16ed728
RH/Centos/Fedora x64 (SM) 5.24MB Download c8e1c465010b1e13affba13d97052119a27c8409
RH/Centos/Fedora x64 (V8) 4.45MB Download 1739fd5b0546ccc5f4ec3020f64edbd9b9d483c7
Suse x64 (SM) 5.33MB Download b0c4fc14ce53cf5b7dac4a0965091ff0bc3e4e8f
Suse x64 (V8) 4.50MB Download 36e98d9499a8ab53996de6ad9f0b31c44efdbfd0
Ubuntu/Mint ia32 (SM) 5.55MB Download 6f11d39d05447b7c2d833d67eb2d5f5d3cbdb2ad
Ubuntu/Mint ia32 (V8) 4.64MB Download dd85e57f3245e4cb49dee2c9e7c5b93a9a2679c9
Ubuntu/Mint x64 (SM) 5.67MB Download 43aed77de12419b187dff4950c03b290e0f308a1
Ubuntu/Mint x64 (V8) 4.74MB Download 76e6af374d92d679140f20e79ef6cbbee84709b7
Windows ia32 (SM) 3.10MB Download 743d22218603e108274179eadb5ca315efdabfd3
Windows ia32 (V8) 2.89MB Download 8103762cb20b452313cc173fe8866a07d7e4af4c
Windows x64 (SM) 3.77MB Download 561f6557d8e1f7f3242def87f86d795843e93750
Windows x64 (V8) 3.46MB Download 186572bad9ca84f706faf645d4a21bb68933ec6b
Windows ia32 Chakra with builtin UWP 1.76MB Download 9642744379c1b3238f636cc9871d2d4d18d54b5e
Windows x64 Chakra with builtin UWP 2.12MB Download 0834073ec8922f78f2eddc78068fd9ce9b53e47f
RPI WinIOT ARM 1.75MB Download f0cb385ab25f66a46df36a0acdc8588d81368bdf
Windows Setup (32/64/SM/V8/CH) 12.99MB Download 13ff5b302fd0e783ad11d886fee9797f181f0c36

Windows XP/2003 and below is NOT supported.

More detailed checksums, versions and urls information can be found here: releases.json.

If you were looking for a simple way to develop a mobile application with JXcore, Visit following link: jxcore-cordova.

Visit here to report an issue or request a feature.