FedEx API for Python
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FedEx API for Python

The Idea

The bad news is that your organization probably doesn't care that FedEx's API
is bundled via big SOAP-based web services (a.k.a. "IBM made me do it"). The
good news is that, because I'm in the same boat, I care.

The result is a thin layer of services that ease the configuration and calling
of FedEx web services along with example test cases.

Since this API depends on "Suds", naming conventions around operations are
dictated by the backing WSDL, and won't feel Pythonic.  It's left as an
exercise for the consumer to hide any syntatical weirdness by extending this API
as desired.

The Installation

Simple with pip

$ pip install

Easy with setuptools (but use pip):

$ easy_install

The Interface

The class is a convenience wrapper around FedEx
address, rate, shipment, and tracking services. The API layout essentially
associates one service per WSDL. You could easily add additional services
(i.e. PackageMovement, Pickup, ReturnTag, etc.) using the same approach by
extending The root FedexService methods

    Get a list of validated shipping addresses.

    Get available rates for a given shipment.

    Process a shipment.

    Get tracking information for a given package ID.

    Cancel a processed shipment.