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@cppforlife cppforlife released this May 23, 2019 · 2 commits to master since this release

  • Add additionalLabels field to Config to allow specifying custom labels on all resources
  • Show Managed by column in inspect --tree view
  • [breaking] Remove tools list-images command in favor of new kbld inspect command
  • [breaking] Require specifying type field on each rebaseRule in Config
  • Improve rebasing of metadata.labels and metadata.annotations
7ffb77dac2a6c1b7514eca1e0b92700cffdc5f84ac57e17585c4809a0e1795bc  ./kapp-darwin-amd64
db4c5730761461e8b4ff8d607d2eb51bf7ef04e7fcbd2eeb15a8655eb4736cd2  ./kapp-linux-amd64
d019c3f6de98ede06dd42544e02eaeedbf4fcfd8625ec69ada96d669154883d6  ./kapp-windows-amd64.exe
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@cppforlife cppforlife released this May 13, 2019 · 9 commits to master since this release

  • Deprecate -R flag and allow use of directories by default
  • Add -c flag as a shorthand to --diff-changes flag
  • Retry fetching resource types from the API server
e160388b502bfb0694b93c276fe6fca4bcf312996f9ae001574097c8af89c753  ./kapp-darwin-amd64
2d0f057ab0518f5eaf981f4bae9a13085533475b5821f74b0b17b8aea12f6d04  ./kapp-linux-amd64
953620bf68df03b10ac28888b903da57d23adeb262152fcba23f68f1710302b9  ./kapp-windows-amd64.exe
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@cppforlife cppforlife released this Mar 27, 2019 · 25 commits to master since this release

  • Refuse to apply empty set of resources to avoid accidental deletion
    • This is most commonly seen when output of another command is empty and it's being piped into kapp (without -o pipefail)
    • Example: ytt tpl -R -f ... | kapp deploy -a app -f -
    • Check could be disabled via --allow-empty flag
7a61cf9523281d94711c752ebd8d890068602f3fe6baf344895fbc59b9d5664e  ./kapp-darwin-amd64
c6b603ac7dce5ba7f0679df7b69f39a35c8278f479534c2ea5cda8a83acfc0a1  ./kapp-linux-amd64
220c2a9d8d2219a6138e0edd2e4bd871668cfb0b903045bc9461dbdd26803824  ./kapp-windows-amd64.exe
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@cppforlife cppforlife released this Mar 21, 2019 · 29 commits to master since this release

  • Switched to more generic way of loading kubeconfig (re #4)
  • Propagate ownership/association labels to Jobs and CronJobs
80a01662fa54d654f3f3c45db9538cd0d5aff318b4f4d7da4e949849dc66602e  ./kapp-darwin-amd64
c904f7324c51d650826600acc4316a7e03736ccdc532eecdc46ea390f44014cd  ./kapp-linux-amd64
bd82ad87c6fbfac1dc2973fd8181dfd47ee4a91d5d222eb688a5ef9fb9442087  ./kapp-windows-amd64.exe
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@cppforlife cppforlife released this Mar 19, 2019 · 37 commits to master since this release

  • Relax strictness for resource preparation (more details in commit msg: d473230)
fed3b2bfafe7fce282e72220b8ef9cf6a26a8a321747a43d5360a3478cc59f1a  ./kapp-darwin-amd64
33d91f0326592722ccff097b059e56a76fba69171510522803aa829b0a4947c0  ./kapp-linux-amd64
d09e0ad174debc29ba423f5488816a7016b431b05e8d041a7590cc08c2cb46c3  ./kapp-windows-amd64.exe
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@cppforlife cppforlife released this Mar 15, 2019 · 47 commits to master since this release

  • Includes basic app diff and deploy capabilities
  • Includes basic resource versioning
519bf6e3240711705bd4dfa6fa50467edb34fcc18fae2ce32736e4c6caa3560f  ./kapp-darwin-amd64
95c84b7d2c40830fa72dc7ff0e6f6fc31e9c7c5ab7c2bfcae22866d2967d0c8f  ./kapp-linux-amd64
5f7564d4b3b14f70cabc66534d796b994e57c9e1735a08dfc4aea35b5366c42c  ./kapp-windows-amd64.exe
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