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Automated dependency updates built into GitHub


  1. dependabot-core dependabot-core Public

    🤖 Dependabot's core logic for creating update PR's.

    Ruby 4.4k 905

  2. fetch-metadata fetch-metadata Public

    Extract information about the dependencies being updated by a Dependabot-generated PR.

    TypeScript 148 59

  3. cli cli Public

    A tool for testing and debugging Dependabot update jobs.

    Go 178 31

  4. smoke-tests smoke-tests Public

    A collection of manifest files for various package managers and is used to perform end-to-end tests for Dependabot.

    HCL 25 18

  5. dependabot-script dependabot-script Public

    A simple script that demonstrates how to use Dependabot Core

    Ruby 535 255

  6. demo demo Public template

    🤖 Fork me to try out Dependabot

    Ruby 109 1.3k


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