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A lightweight interactive assessment tool for JavaScript candidates.
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Jasper Build Status

Jasper provides an API, and engine, to cycle through challenges that will hopefully help identify areas of knowledge or learning opportunities in the user. The challenges are designed to increase in difficulty (or obscurity) as you answer more.


I hope to add on to this library with some useful features:

  • Tracking correct / incorrect answers and reporting to a backend
  • When complete, providing a hash ID for submission with resumes
  • Scoring with questions that have difficulty rankings
  • Intentional holes in security for hacking

How to contribute / build

Unit tests are executed by Karma with Jasmine framework.

You will need NodeJS (at least 0.8) then you have 2 solutions :

  • Install Karma globally with
npm install -g karma

then run with karma start

  • Juste run npm install then npm test


Licensed under the WTFPL v2. Specifically LICENSE.


These people have been extremely helpful in building this project, very quickly.

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