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Elite Dangerous: Scenic Route Finder web app
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Elite Dangerous: Scenic Route Finder

This is a web app for players of the space-faring game Elite Dangerous, in which players may travel across our galaxy, seeing nebulae, black holes and other galactic wonders.

Using this app, players can enter their starting point and destination and receive a list of suggestions of galactic points of interest to visit near to their intended route.

Frameworks and Build Requirements

The server side runs on ASP.NET Core, on top of .NET Core 2.2.

The client side is written in TypeScript, using the React framework, with the help of Create React App. See the latter for build requirements, namely npm.

Live Version

You can see the project in action at


The backend uses ASP.NET's Kestrel web server to serve the client pages and two API calls the page uses, one that returns a list of POI suggestions given two star systems and a maximum deviation from the straight line route, and one that returns possible POI names for auto-completing textboxes on the page. Both API endpoints return JSON data.

The client pages use Bootstrap 4 components, Bootswatch's Darkly theme, Font Awesome icon font, and Google Fonts CDN.


There are a handful of unit tests for the core calculations, written in the NUnit framework.

External APIs

Elite Dangerous galaxy data is drawn from the Elite Dangerous Star Map project, without which this project would not be possible.

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