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Vim plugin: An interface for anything
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Merge branch 'vim-ku-core' into vim-ku

* vim-ku-core: (28 commits)
  vim: ku: core: Fix to list same-word candidates
  vim: ku: core: Add tests for syntax highlighting
  vim: ku: core: Add syntax highlighting
  vim: ku: core: Implement delete-backward-component
  vim: ku: core: Revise tests - explicit case
  vim: ku: core: Add delete-backward-component (NIY)
  vim: ku: core: Add missing tests on ui key maps
  vim: ku: core: Refactor key mappings to backspace
  vim: ku: core: Fix wrong tests on initialization
  vim: ku: core: Refactor - defining key mappings
  vim: ku: core: Revise document on key mappings
  vim: ku: core: Refactor - rename internal mapping
  vim: ku: core: Refactor - coding layout
  vim: ku: core: Add notes on setup of options
  vim: ku: core: Allow backspacing after ACC and etc
  vim: ku: core: Refactor <C-h>/<BS>
  vim: ku: core: Use matcher true as default matcher
  vim: ku: matcher true: New, for sorter smart
  vim: ku: matcher default: Add #use() to customize
  vim: ku: matcher default: Use matcher simple
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autoload Merge branch 'vim-ku-core' into vim-ku
doc Merge branch 'vim-ku-core' into vim-ku
plugin Merge branch 'vim-ku-source-file' into vim-ku
test Merge branch 'vim-ku-core' into vim-ku
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