Getting started

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Starting with the example app

If you want to get started with Kafka and Karafka as fast as possible, then the best idea is to just clone our example repository:

git clone ./example_app

then, just bundle install all the dependencies:

cd ./example_app
bundle install

and follow the instructions from the example app Wiki.

Note: you need to ensure, that you have Kafka up and running and you need to configure Kafka seed_brokers in the karafka.rb file.

Starting with a clean installation

Create a directory for your project:

mkdir app_dir
cd app_dir

Create a Gemfile with Karafka:

echo "source ''" > Gemfile
echo "gem 'karafka'" >> Gemfile

Bundle afterwards

bundle install

Use karafka CLI:

bundle exec karafka install

If you need more details about each of the CLI commands, go to CLI section

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