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Export/access your Pocket data, including highlights!
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Export your personal Pocket data, including highlights as JSON.

Setting up

  1. pip3 install -r requirements.txt
  2. To use the API you need a consumer_key. You've got two alternatives here:
    • Lawful good way: register an app here with 'Retrieve' permissions and type 'Desktop (other)'. Open app in the list and take note of consumer_key.

    • Chaotic way: get API key directly from web app. The benefit of doing this is that API gives away more data, including highlights.

      To do that, go to Pocket web app, open Network Monitor from your browser dev tools (e.g. firefox), and refresh the page.

      You can find consumer_key in 'Request URL' for any of json requests.

      This is sort of hacky, but only way I know of extracting highlights. I tried registering apps targeting other platforms (e.g. web/extension), but still nothing, seems that Pocket's consumer key is hardcoded in backend code or something.

  3. Follow these instructions to retrieve an API token using consumer_key you got on the previous step. You can use anything as redirect_uri, e.g. You should get access_token after that.
  4. It might be convenient to dump these in a file, e.g.
consumer_key = ...
access_token = ...


Recommended: ./export --secrets /path/to/ That way you have to type less and have control over where you're keeping your plaintext tokens/passwords.

Alternatively, you can pass auth arguments directly, e.g. ./export --consumer_key <key> --access_token <token>. However, this is prone to leaking your keys in shell history.

You can also import script and call get_json function directory to get raw json.


I'm not aware of any limits on number of old entries you can retrieve through API; it doesn't even have pagination. If you know of them, please let me know or open PR!

It's highly recommended to back up regularly and keep old versions. Easy way to achieve it is command like this: ./export --secrets >"export-$(date -I).json".

Example output

See ./example-output.json, it's got some example data you might find in your data export.

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