(DEPRECATED OUTDATED) stm32 base scripts and examples
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This project aims to contain some useful libraries and linker/startup scripts for stm32 development.
(Indeed, possibly any Cortex development, but that is an even bigger goal)

It's not really intended that this whole project, as is, prove useful to anyone, more that pieces of it should be.
Perhaps one day, the library and startup code could become a standalone project...

This project contains code from ST's Standard Peripheral Library downloads, and was originally the "examples"
directory from the "stlink" project, https://github.com/texane/stlink

The examples really needed to be split off from that project, and I use this now also as a home for my own
experiments.  The examples mostly target the STM32 Discovery board series.

License in the original project was BSD 3 clause.  I've changed that to BSD 2 clause.  This seems to be in line with
the original stated goals of the stlink project, though as the examples are largely built on ST provided code, and the
startup and linker scripts largely compiled by me, I've gone further.  This is of course up for discussion.