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Update TODO, move some stuff to Asana

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commit 506c579a3a6a4af66ed1890afaa7aef9294b3392 1 parent f9bb020
@vojtajina vojtajina authored
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@@ -1,61 +1,32 @@
-runner.html serving - delay serving + checkModifications()
make global event emitter (+ instantiate(Class) that would register listeners)
-auto start browser ?
-dynamic port assign ?
-cancel run - if server disconnects (at least do not send report afterwards), or ignore
-if browser disconnects during run, complete without waiting for complete
-FIX: start server, before capturing any browser runner (warning no browser), wont finish, kill, then next run - writing to closed socket
+disable console - option to completely disable console (to disable leaking)
+WebStorm issues:
+- terminal escaping
opera, ff - angular
-readme - add development section
-readme - add example (configuration)
handle - Chrome's script causes too much memory message ?
server -> runner general format, so that it can use different reporter ?)
util.js:24 replace of null
-format error stack so that webstorm can parse it
-adapter for + check out reporters
growl notifications ?
-make a screencast how to test it (during development), how to debug with webstorm, etc...
-integration with cloud9
-autowatch new files
jsdom execution
dashboard ? captured client status
-static deps analyze (use require, goog.require, ...)
file preprocessing
-if browser exit, stable
stats - which browsers are captured (expose as html, served by server)
dashboard (captured browsers, etc...)
-batching all js into single file (served from memory)
-if iframe - in-lining ?
prefetching files (when browser capture)
execution on server as well
@@ -77,9 +48,7 @@ make server daemon ?
run on only available clients ? (if one is executing previous run)
-using tab instead of iframe
-analyse deps (goog.provide, require) and execute only related tests
+using tab instead of iframe, using frames ?
more granularity during execution (continuous info about tests)
@@ -88,49 +57,18 @@ allow passing configuration into client (both config, test run params)
interesting modules:
-testing framework
-- jasmine
-- vows
-- cucumber ?
-static web server ?
-CLI options parser ?
-async lib
-- q ?
!!! jsdom
-jellyfish - starting + config browsers
-zombie (jsdom implementation of headless browser)
-allow execution - with different files (e.g. different test loads different files)
-buster.js - copy of JSTD in Node.js
-- using ws, but custom
-- can't handle browser termination and other jstd problems
check for global state polution ?
allow/ not allow page reload (navigation)
control the configuration from dashboard (change log level for example)
-reload config when change
-nice error if port in use
debugging - allow break points from IDE ?
design extensible - allow server/client plugins, passing configuration to plugins (like jasmine - test only last failed)
@@ -142,5 +80,3 @@ E2E TESTS:
- disconnect server + reconnect
- all tests passed / failures
- syntax error
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