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Companion PR for karma-runner/

* docs: fix invalid heading syntax

It is not recognized as a heading by the markdown parser without a whitespace.

* docs: fix weird syntax to reduce diff

Old parser considered this the same list, but new parser assumes that these are two separate lists. Technically it should be a nested list, but it is old and shouldn't really matter. I'm doing this change to reduce the diff I need to review after switching to the new markdown parser.

* docs: fix invalid markdown

Items nested in the list item, must be indented 3 spaces, not 2 spaces. New parser produced a pretty messed up markup from the invalid markdown.

* docs: remove redundant whitespaces in the list items

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Jan 6, 2014


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A simple tool that allows you to execute JavaScript code in multiple real browsers.

The main purpose of Karma is to make your test-driven development easy, fast, and fun.

Help and Support

For questions and support please use the mailing list or Gitter. The issue tracker is for bug reports and feature discussions only.

When should I use Karma?

  • You want to test code in real browsers.
  • You want to test code in multiple browsers (desktop, mobile, tablets, etc.).
  • You want to execute your tests locally during development.
  • You want to execute your tests on a continuous integration server.
  • You want to execute your tests on every save.
  • You love your terminal.
  • You don't want your (testing) life to suck.
  • You want to use Istanbul to automagically generate coverage reports.
  • You want to use RequireJS for your source files.

But I still want to use _insert testing library_

Karma is not a testing framework, nor an assertion library. Karma just launches an HTTP server, and generates the test runner HTML file you probably already know from your favourite testing framework. So for testing purposes you can use pretty much anything you like. There are already plugins for most of the common testing frameworks:

If you can't find an adapter for your favourite framework, don't worry and write your own. It's not that hard and we are here to help.

Which Browsers can I use?

All the major browsers are supported, if you want to know more see the browsers page.


See FAQ.

I want to use it. Where do I sign?

You don't need to sign anything but here are some resources to help you to get started...

Obligatory Screencast.

Every serious project has a screencast, so here is ours. Just click here and let the show begin.


See installation.

Using it.

See configuration.

This is so great. I want to help.

Please, see contributing.

Why did you create this?

Throughout the development of AngularJS, we've been using JSTD for testing. I really think that JSTD is a great idea. Unfortunately, we had many problems with JSTD, so we decided to write our own test runner based on the same idea. We wanted a simple tool just for executing JavaScript tests that is both stable and fast. That's why we use the awesome library and Node.js.

My boss wants a license. So where is it?

MIT License