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A simple reactive framework for binding values and objects to one another
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Bind is a framework for simple reactive style programming, designed as analternative to frameworks such as RxSwift. It can be used in conjuction with an implementation of Promises, such as When.


Output is a store for a generic mutable property and a collection of closures that will be called when that property is updated. In our architecture Output is typically used in the View Model.


An Output is initialised with its initial value, or starts with a nil as its initial value.


An value stored by an Output can be updated by calling its update function. This function also calls any closures bound to the Output.


Calling one of the bind functions adds a closure to the dictionary of closures mantained by the Output and also calls the closure for the current stored value, if there is one.

bind can be either called directly with a closure, or by passing one or more Binders


A Binder defines a closure to be called when an Output is updated. A Binder is typically returned from an extensions on a type conforming to Bindable. Bind contains a set of Bindable extensions for many UIKit classes so that Output can be bound to these classes out of the box. Custom classes can be similarly extended to conform to Bindable and BindableCompatible. In our architecture, Output from the View Model are typically bound to BindablCompatible elements of the View from the viewDidLoad method of the View Controller.


Relay is a special subclass of Output that is useful for initiating a chain of reactive events. It is an Output that doesn't store any value but will call any stored closures when its fire method is called.


Subscription and SubscriptionContainer provide a mechanism for unbinding closures from an Output, and is useful when using resuable elements such as TableView cells.

Functional Extensions

Bind also contains some functional extensions that allow Output to be transformed in various ways

combine combines two Output, of type A and B into a new Output of type (A, B) that is updated whenever either one is updated and the other has a value.

merge takes two Output of the same type, and creates a new Output of that type that is updated whenever either of them is updated.

map performs a transform over a Value and returns it as TransformedValue wrapped in its own Output the transform property is the function that transform Value into TransformedValue, and map returns an Output of type TransformedValue

flatMap performs a transform over a Value and returns it as Output of type TransformedValue by flattening the nested Outputs the transform property is the function that transform Value into a new Output of type TransformedValue and flatmap returns a flattened Output of type TransformedValue

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