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Hi! I discovered Marley yesterday and gave it a try. I have some interrogations now:

That’s great! :) As you can see, the development got a bit sleepy over the last couple of weeks on my side, which will change. In the meantime, do check the Marley network: http://github.com/karmi/marley/network , I’ll be definitely merging in ideas and code from lukeredpath’s and enadrejko’s forks over Christmas.

If I need some assets (mainly images or files like PDFs) linked to one of my blog posts, is it possible to also put them into the data directory? I mean I don’t want to put it inside the app public’s folder as it is actually data.

You can, definitely. The way I do it now (until it’s properly implemented), is having a symlink from {INSTALL_DIR}/app/public/data pointing to the “data” directory. See eandrejko’s solution: http://github.com/eandrejko/marley/commit/d6b94d36cc81196e1febf90c91d59099bd67052d , I’ll implement it in similar sense.

Is it possible to put themes outside of the marley directory (like the data directroy)?

Not in the current codebase, but it’s probably a good idea. I added theme support based on lukeredpath’s fork and *still* don’t know if support for themes in this sense is *entirely* good idea. *Some* theme support is probably a good thing, nevertheless.

If I want to keep being on the edge (so use a clone of the git repository to be able to pull changes) and I want to deploy the app through git too, what’s the best way to do this? Using Piston or ???

Hmm… what do you mean by “deploying through git”? The way I do it is having a local git clone, and deploy it with Capistrano, which is set to deploy the “restafari_org” branch. See http://github.com/karmi/marley/tree/master/config/deploy.example.rb#L16