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Tire Retire

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The Tire library has been around since early 2011, being the first Ruby gem to bring a full, out-of-the box integration of Elasticsearch with Ruby on Rails and ActiveModel/ActiveRecord.

It has been retired in September 2013, since a new library,, has been released at that time.

It offers a much more solid, robust and better designed foundation for writing integrations and extensions like this, potentially avoiding many problems in Tire. (If you're particularly curious, you can watch the my talk from the RuPy 2012 conference.)

In March 2014, the project has been published, and offers a tight integration with Ruby models via the elasticsearch-model gem, and with Ruby on Rails applications with the elasticsearch-rails gem.

I continue working on other sub-projects for these two, notably a flexible persistence library, and a Elasticsearch DSL implementation in Ruby.

If you're using Tire in a project, or contemplate to start using it, these are the important points:

  1. The library will continue to work as it did until now. In fact, it will certainly work better, since bugs will be fixed and important features will be added.

  2. All the URLs will continue to work, and be properly redirected by the browser, Git or Bundler. There is no need to change them unless you want to.

  3. The project has been renamed to increase the visibility of this migration, not just for fun.

On a personal note, I'd like to thank everybody who shared feedback, code, criticism, praise, said thanks. I have never imagined the simple “scratch-my-itch” project will be used by so many people for so many different things. Tire has been by far my most popular open source project, and I have learnt a lot along the way. Let's keep the good parts and seed them on a new soil.

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