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BIMS is a Django app.

Note that BIMS is under development and not yet feature complete.

The latest source code is available at

Project Activity

ready inprogress


  • Current test status master: test_status_master
  • Current test status develop: test_status_develop

Quick Project Setup

Refer to project setup guide for in depth information.

Make sure ansible is installed, all.yml file is configured, and project already opened using PyCharm. Then run these command:

make ansible-check

This will check and dry-run ansible tasks

make setup-ansible

This will generate project file configuration.

Quick Installation Guide

For deployment we use docker so you need to have docker running on the host. HealthyRivers is a django app so it will help if you have some knowledge of running a django site.

git clone git://

make build

make permissions

make web

# Wait a few seconds for the DB to start before to do the next command

make migrate

make collectstatic

# Finally we can rebuild our search indexes if needed

make rebuildindex

So as to create your admin account: ` make superuser `

Optional keys on project

To use some feature, there are keys that needs to be included on the project. Please put the keys on the

The keys are:

  1. To show bing map, use your key of bing ( and put it in core/settings/ with key BING_MAP_KEY
  2. To show openmaptile map (terrain and other style), use your key of maptile ( and put it in core/settings/ with key MAP_TILER_KEY

Generating boundaries

Bims using boundaries for clustering. To generate it, do

make generate-boundaries

Thank you

Thank you to the individual contributors who have helped to build HealthyRivers: