How to bundle a Vue.js components in a single JS file, to be used in any HTML/JS app
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Vue Custom Element Bundler

Example using Webpack to bundle one or many Vue.js components into a single .js file that can be used in any HTML/JS application.

Refer to this post on for more information.

Check out this example using rollup.js for a 25% lighter file (when gzipped) !



    <!-- you can add many instances of the component in the same page -->

    <script src="my-vue-component.js"></script>


How it works

Components are registered in src/main.js.

Component code is in src/components/ComponentName.vue.

To add a component :

  • Add a .vue file in src/components
  • Register the component in src/main.js


To test your components :

  • Launch webpack : npm run dev (watch mode)
  • Open demo/index.html in a browser
  • Edit src/main.js or your component file
  • Refresh the page

Bundle a release

npm run build

File will be placed in dist/my-vue-component.js.

Refer to webpack.config.js for customization options.

Browser compability

You may add the web component polyfill if you wish to support older browsers.

import 'document-register-element/build/document-register-element'

Thanks to @visualjerk for this proposal.