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The TMB documentation consists of three parts:

  • R functions are documented as an ordinary R package
  • C++ functions
    • Referred to as API. Docs are generated directly from source code using Doxygen.
    • You need to manually run doxygen to build the docs (see main readme file).
    • There exists a precompiled version of the docs: C++ function documentation (API) corresponding to the most recent TMB version on CRAN.
    • Things you should NOT do in TMB
  • Example collection When you download TMB from github (by cloning or getting the zip file) you automatically get a large collection of examples.
    • Examples are placed in the folder tmb_examples.
    • Each example has two parts: .R and .cpp file.
    • To run the mvrw example, say, type in R: source("mvrw.R").