Wrapper of some neovim's :terminal functions.
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Use the same terminal for everything. The main reason for this plugin is reuse the terminal easily. All commands opens a terminal if it's not open or reuse the open terminal. REPL commands, opens a terminal and the proper REPL, if it's not opened.

  • NeoVim terminal helper functions/commands.
  • Wraps some REPL to receive current line or selection.
  • Many terminals support:
    • many-terms

test libs (removed on 05/Feb/2017)

This feature was removed on 05/Feb/2017, please consider to use the vim-test with neoterm strategy to replace this feature


  • TREPLSend: sends the current line or the selection to a REPL in a terminal.
  • TREPLSendFile: sends the current file to a REPL in a terminal.

REPLs supported

  • Ruby: pry and irb
  • Rails: bundle exec rails console
  • Python: ipython and python
  • JavaScript: node
  • Elixir: iex
  • Julia: julia
  • R / R Markdown: R
  • Haskell: ghci
  • Idris: idris
  • GNU Octave: octave
    • For Octave 4.0.0 and later, you can enable Qt widgets (dialogs, plots, etc.) using g:neoterm_repl_octave_qt = 1
  • MATLAB: matlab -nodesktop -nosplash
  • PARI/GP: gp
  • PHP: psysh and php


The REPL is set using the filetype plugin so make sure to set

filetype plugin on

Most standard file extensions for the above REPLs are picked up by Neovim's default filetype plugins. However, there are two exceptions:

  • Julia .jl files, which are detected as filetipe=lisp
  • Idris .idr, .lidr files which are not recognised as any filetype To fix this, either install a suitable plugin for the language or add something like the following to your init.vim:
au VimEnter,BufRead,BufNewFile *.jl set filetype=julia
au VimEnter,BufRead,BufNewFile *.idr set filetype=idris
au VimEnter,BufRead,BufNewFile *.lidr set filetype=lidris

other useful commands:

  • :T <command>: Opens a terminal, or use an opened terminal, and runs the given command within a terminal.
  • :Tmap <command>: maps a the given command to ,tt.


Open a pull request, repls and other features to this plugin. 😃

example config file:

let g:neoterm_position = 'horizontal'
let g:neoterm_automap_keys = ',tt'

nnoremap <silent> <f10> :TREPLSendFile<cr>
nnoremap <silent> <f9> :TREPLSendLine<cr>
vnoremap <silent> <f9> :TREPLSendSelection<cr>

" Useful maps
" hide/close terminal
nnoremap <silent> ,th :call neoterm#close()<cr>
" clear terminal
nnoremap <silent> ,tl :call neoterm#clear()<cr>
" kills the current job (send a <c-c>)
nnoremap <silent> ,tc :call neoterm#kill()<cr>

" Rails commands
command! Troutes :T rake routes
command! -nargs=+ Troute :T rake routes | grep <args>
command! Tmigrate :T rake db:migrate

" Git commands
command! -nargs=+ Tg :T git <args>