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HBM is an application to authorize and manage authorized docker commands using Docker AuthZ plugin
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HBM (Harbormaster)

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Harbormaster is a basic extendable Docker Engine access authorization plugin that runs on directly on the host.

By default, Harbormaster plugin prevents from executing commands with certain parameters.

  1. Docker commands
  2. Pull images
  3. Start containers with specific parameters
  • --privileged
  • --ipc=host
  • --net=host
  • --pid=host
  • --userns=host
  • --uts=host
  • any Linux capabilities with parameter --cap-add=[]
  • any devices added with parameter --device=[]
  • any dns servers added with parameter --dns
  • any ports added with parameter --port
  • any volumes mounted with parameter -v
  • any logging with parameters --log-driver and --log-opt
  • --sysctl
  • --security-opt


Supported Docker versions with HBM.

HBM Version Docker Version Docker API
0.2.x       1.12.x         1.24      
0.3.x       17.05.x       1.29    
0.5.x 17.06.x 1.30
0.5.x 17.09.x 1.32
>= 0.6.0 >= 1.12.x >= 1.24

Getting Started & Documentation

All documentation is available on the Harbormaster website.

User Feedback


If you have any problems with or questions about this application, please contact us through a GitHub issue.

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