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The GENI Developer Docs (Source Code)

This is the source tree for the documentation for the GENI platform − a platform sponsored by the National Science Foundation and in partnership with Mozilla Ignite. These docs can be viewed in HTML and PDF form at: Read The Docs.

Building Locally

These docs were written in ReStructured Text, and can be built with Sphinx. To build the docs, you'll need a python installation and easy_install. Once you have those, you can install sphinx:

$ easy_install -U Sphinx

And when you're done with that, clone this repository to a local directory and cd into it. From there:

$ make html

You'll see something similar to:

'sphinx-build' -b html -d build/doctrees   source build/html
Running Sphinx v1.1.3
loading pickled environment... done
building [html]: targets for 1 source files that are out of date
updating environment: 0 added, 1 changed, 0 removed
reading sources... [100%] examples/index                                                                                
looking for now-outdated files... none found
pickling environment... done
checking consistency... done
preparing documents... done
writing output... [100%] index                                                                                          
writing additional files... genindex search
copying static files... done
dumping search index... done
dumping object inventory... done
build succeeded.

Build finished. The HTML pages are in build/html.


The source/ directory is where the source-form of the docs are kept. Since we're using sphinx, the format of the docs are in Restructured Text, a popular markup language.

The build form of the docs end up in build, which is ignored by git due to the .gitignore file.


Send any and all questions or feedback to


Documentation for app developers to get started with the GENI project (, in partnership with Mozilla



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