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Sappho Logo (A Lyre)

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Sappho is a 2D game engine written with Python (2 and 3) and pygame.

sappho in action

Lily Seabreeze is this project's mom and owner. Be sure to checkout the!

Design Philosophy

  1. Don't interfere with the way people build their pygame games
  2. We are not automating game logic
  3. Sappho modules may not import other Sappho modules
  4. Inherit from pygame objects when possible; use conventional pygame models/architecture.
  5. Consistency.
  6. Simplicity trumps all else.
  7. Well documented.
  8. Code is easy-to-test. We show that with our 100% test coverage.

For more check

Getting Started

Install pygame:

  • You can try pip install hg+ but it may not work...
  • Ubuntu, Python 2.7: sudo apt install python-pygame
  • FreeBSD, Python 2.7: sudo pkg install py27-game
  • OSX, Python 2.7: available in homebrew (note that there is a caveat in El Capitan [see: #63])
  • For any other operating system, or more details, see:

Install sappho and run the demo:

  1. Install: pip install -r requirements/main.txt .
  2. cd demo/
  3. python

Be sure to checkout the contents of for a sample on how Sappho is used.

We also have some good docs:

If you wanna contribute, please read!