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NAME - Lightning Fast Graphing/Visualization

      % --data-dir=/path/to/dir

    GrowthForecast is graphing/visualization web tool built on RRDtool

    Install dependencies
        To install growthforecast, these libraries are needed.

        *   glib

        *   xml2

        *   pango

        *   cairo

          (CentOS) $ sudo yum groupinstall "Development Tools"
                   $ sudo yum install pkgconfig glib2-devel gettext libxml2-devel pango-devel cairo-devel
          (Ubuntu) $ sudo apt-get build-dep rrdtool

    Install GrowthForecast
          $ cpanm GrowthForecast

        It's recommended to using perlbrew

        A directory to store rrddata and metadata

        TCP port listen on. Default is 5125

        IP address to listen on

        File path to UNIX domain socket to bind. If enabled unix domain
        socket, GrowthForecast does not bind any TCP port

        IP addresses or CIDR of reverse proxy

        IP addresses or CIDR to allow access from. Default is empty (allow
        access from any remote ip address)

        don't generate 1min rrddata and graph Default is "1" (enabled)

        Disable gmode `subtract`. Default is "1" (enabled)

        Store numbers of graph data as float rather than integer. Default is
        "0" (disabled)

        DB connection setting to store metadata. format like
        dbi:mysql:[dbname];hostname=[hostnaem] Default is no mysql setting.
        GrowthForecast save metadata to SQLite

        Number of web server processes. Default is 4

        rrdcached address. format is like either of


        See the manual of rrdcached for more details. Default does not use

        Provide GrowthForecast with specify url path. Default is empty (
        provide GrowthForecast on root path )

        Set the system time zone for GrowthForecast. Default is system

    -v --version
        Display version

    -h --help
        Display help

MYSQL Setting
    GrowthForecast uses SQLite as metadata by default. And also supports

    GrowthForecast needs these MySQL privileges.

    *   CREATE

    *   ALTER

    *   DELETE

    *   INSERT

    *   UPDATE

    *   SELECT

    Sample GRANT statement

      mysql> GRANT statement sample> GRANT  CREATE, ALTER, DELETE, INSERT, UPDATE, SELECT \\
               ON growthforecast.* TO 'www'\@'localhost' IDENTIFIED BY foobar;

    Give USERNAME and PASSWORD to GrowthForecast by environment value

      $ MYSQL_USER=www MYSQL_PASSWORD=foobar \\
          --data-dir /home/user/growthforecast \\
          -with-mysql dbi:mysql:growthforecast;hostname=localhost

    AUTHOR Masahiro Nagano <kazeburo {at}>

    LICENSE This library is free software; you can redistribute it and/or
    modify it under the same terms as Perl itself.