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Building and Deploying

To build and deploy your changes for previewing in a jquery-wp-content instance, follow the workflow instructions from our documentation on contributing to jQuery Foundation web sites.

Foundation Documents

Some of the pages for come from jQuery Foundation documents stored in a separate repository. Whenever those documents are updated, they should be copied to this repo via grunt copy-foundation-docs. Newly created documents must be added to the list in the grunt file. After the grunt task runs, you should review, add, commit, and push the update. Running this task requires access to the foundation repository, as well as adding a githubToken property to your config.json. You can generate a personal access token at

Stripe Integration

In order to test the member join page, you will need a Stripe account. Once you've created an account, you'll need to add your test keys to your wp-config.php file in the WordPress install that you're using for jquery-wp-content.

define( 'STRIPE_PUBLIC', 'your-public-key-here' );
define( 'STRIPE_SECRET', 'your-secret-key-here' );

You will also need to create plans in your Stripe account with the following ids: fan-3mo, fan-12mo, friend-3mo, friend-12mo, hero-3mo, hero-12mo. You can enter any information you want for the rest of the plan details, only the id is important for this integration.